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Type of Article : Original Research

Year: 2015 | Volume 3 | Issue 2 | Page No. 978-985

Date of Publication: 11-04-2015

DOI: 10.16965/ijpr.2015.119


Kadrya H. Battecha 1, Elsadat Saad Soliman *2.  

1 Assistant Professor, Basic Science Department, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Egypt.
*2 Lecturer, Physiotherapy Department for Musculoskeletal Disorders and its Surgery, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Egypt.

Corresponding author: Dr. Elsadat Saad Soliman, PhD, PT. Lecturer, Physiotherapy Department for Musculoskeletal Disorders and its Surgery, Faculty of Physical Therapy, Cairo University, Egypt.


Background and Objectives: Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) has been suggested as a treatment method for musculoskeletal system disorders. The present study was conducted to determine whether the addition of PEMF to traditional physiotherapy produces better clinical outcomes than traditional physiotherapy alone in the management of moderate knee osteoarthritis (OA).
Design: A single-blinded, randomized controlled study
Methods: Twenty subjects (5 men and 15 women) with unilateral moderate knee OA (Kellgren-Lawrence criteria grade 2). They were randomly allocated in 2 groups to receive: group (A) PEMF plus ultrasound plus exercises; or (B) ultrasound plus exercises. Both groups received the respective treatments 3 times per week for 4 weeks and underwent the same pretreatment and post treatment evaluation that included active knee range of motion (ROM) by universal goniometer, knee pain score by visual analogue scale (VAS) and knee functional performance by Western Ontario and McMaster Universities osteoarthritis index (WOMAC).
Result: There was an improvement in both groups in active knee flexion ROM, reduced VAS score and improved WOMAC index , however, all outcomes were significantly better in  group (A) (p <0.05). Moreover, the percentages of outcomes improvement were in favor of group (A). 
Conclusion: The addition of PEMF to traditional physiotherapy in managing Knee OA produced a greater improvement in pain relief, range of motion and resulted in better functional performance than did traditional physiotherapy alone. The improvement in current study should be limited to short term outcomes of PEMF.
KEY WORDS:  Knee osteoarthritis, Pulsed electromagnetic field, Traditional physiotherapy.


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Kadrya H. Battecha, Elsadat Saad Soliman. UTILIZATION OF PULSED ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD AND TRADITIONAL PHYSIOTHERAPY IN KNEE OSTEOARTHRITIS MANAGEMENT. Int J Physiother Res 2015;3(2):978-985. DOI: 10.16965/ijpr.2015.119




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